(UXE) User Experience Engineer Visual.

(UXE) User Experience Engineering

User Experience Engineers have three main areas of expertise. View the 3 skills below.

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

How are my components being used? Is the product intuitive? My goal here is for the user to think “These analytics are super easy and fun to use. I can’t put my finger on why, though.”


I want every component I develop to have clean code and no bugs. I also want the styling architecture to be modular with reusable code and CSS variables that are easy to use. This way, my other teammates who don’t manage this architecture can come in and make changes without a problem.


When a UXD comes to the team with a user problem, I want to sit in the room to help brainstorm some workflows and possible components that I could implement to create the best new feature possible. Just like a designer would tell me what is most efficient from a visual aspect, I can provide feedback on what is technically feasible.